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Edward Leedskalnin Biography

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Edward Leedskalnin (August 10, 1887 - December 7, 1951) was a Latvian sculptor and engineer who built a castle in Homestead, Florida, USA. He was born in Riga, Latvia. He is well known for his underground theories on magnetism and received only a fourth grade education.


Leedskalnin created a monument called the Coral Castle (originally called "Rock Gate Park") as a memorial to his lost love, Agnes Scuffs. He referred to her as his "Sweet Sixteen," since she was 16 while he was 26 at the time of their engagement. She cancelled the wedding the day before. Leedskalnin, without outside assistance or large machinery, built the Coral Castle. Claiming that he knew the secrets of the Egyptian pyramid builders, he worked with coral rock totaling a weight of over 1,100 tons. Leedskalnin spent 28 years working on the Castle, and pictures exist of him employing mundane tools such as block and tackle. Leedskalnin, standing at only five feet tall, also took pride in the fact that he never weighed over 100 pounds.


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